Remixes, Mysteries, and “Night Music”

(Electronic Music Film Scores (Volume I) [2023 Remix], front cover artwork) REMIXES Presently, I’m in the process of remixing the three-volume Electronic Music Film Scores series. As with the remix/reissue of Three Analog Dances, Night Shift, & Other Works: Electronic Music (Volume VI), I’ve created new artwork for the reissues of the Electronic Music FilmContinue reading “Remixes, Mysteries, and “Night Music””

Autumn Muses, Cats, and Cabinets

August was primarily a month of rest, for me. That’s not to say I haven’t been working on things. Some of the compositions/projects/things I’ve completed since the last newsletter: For My Autumn Muse Composed August 4th, 2022, For My Autumn Muse is a pop/world music-inspired track I composed as a birthday gift for the oneContinue reading “Autumn Muses, Cats, and Cabinets”