Remixes, Mysteries, and “Night Music”

(Electronic Music Film Scores (Volume I) [2023 Remix], front cover artwork) REMIXES Presently, I’m in the process of remixing the three-volume Electronic Music Film Scores series. As with the remix/reissue of Three Analog Dances, Night Shift, & Other Works: Electronic Music (Volume VI), I’ve created new artwork for the reissues of the Electronic Music FilmContinue reading “Remixes, Mysteries, and “Night Music””

Remixes, Girls, & Apostolic Dreams

(GIRLZX3 back cover artwork, by Michael Calabris) REMIXING, REMIXING, REMIXING! Much of my creative work during the last two months has consisted of remixing tracks for several of my older albums; albums I intend to reissue this year. It’s likely that much of my creative work in the very near future will continue to consistContinue reading “Remixes, Girls, & Apostolic Dreams”

The Soundtrack Reissues Are Finally Here! (And Other Updates)

After several months of delays, I’m very happy to announce the release of The Cat and the Canary and The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari soundtracks. The albums are now available for purchase/download on Bandcamp, and will shortly be available on Amazon Music and Spotify. Regarding The Cat and the Canary – this album is actuallyContinue reading “The Soundtrack Reissues Are Finally Here! (And Other Updates)”

Autumn Muses, Cats, and Cabinets

August was primarily a month of rest, for me. That’s not to say I haven’t been working on things. Some of the compositions/projects/things I’ve completed since the last newsletter: For My Autumn Muse Composed August 4th, 2022, For My Autumn Muse is a pop/world music-inspired track I composed as a birthday gift for the oneContinue reading “Autumn Muses, Cats, and Cabinets”

Wrapping Up Another Year

(a photo I took while out on my daily walk on Thursday, July 14th, 2022) UPDATES SINCE THE LAST NEWSLETTER Among the projects I’ve completed since the last newsletter are two new improvisation albums: Organ Improvisations (Volume XIII), and Keyboard Improvisations (Volume IX). As with pretty much all of my album covers, the images featuredContinue reading “Wrapping Up Another Year”