Improvising and Refocusing

IMPROVISATIONS Last week I released Keyboard Improvisations (Volume VIII). It’s available exclusively on Bandcamp. Included on the album are two particularly interesting improvisations, both of which feature Steinberg’s LoFi Piano […]

Transitions and Farewells-for-Now

A colleague of mine often uses the imagery of sunrises in his compositions. I too use solar imagery, as it were, in my compositions. However, in my compositions, the sun […]

Catching Up

The last two weeks have been incredibly busy. While the week prior was mostly spent on extra-musical activities, last week’s focus was largely on catching up on things. I also […]

Organ Works You Should Check Out

For those who may not know, the organ is my primary instrument. The organ was the first musical instrument I played (well, technically that instrument was a reed organ, not […]

Two Upcoming Albums

TWO UPCOMING ALBUMS Two new additions to my discography will appear soon; both of them probably appearing within the next month. The first album is Three Analog Dances, Night Shift, […]

The Influence of Late Afternoon Sunlight

This afternoon I found myself doing something that I hadn’t remembered doing in a long time – a sort of habit I developed in childhood. I was sitting at the […]

Mechanical Fugues and Other Electronic Music Projects

NEW COMPOSITIONS Almost all of my recent creative activity has focused on electronic music. Of the compositions I’ve recently recorded and published, I’ll highlight two: Contrapunctus Electrica is a work […]

New Synthesizer Recordings

(“Grey Oval,” (1917), by Wassily Kandinsky) Much of my recent creative work has focused on the use of analog/analog-like synthesizers. I’ve always loved the sound of analog synthesizers. Some of […]


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