Michael Calabris (b. 1984) is a Northeast Ohio-based composer. He earned his Bachelor of Arts in Music from the University of Akron, and his Master of Music degrees (Composition and Organ/Harpsichord Performance) from Cleveland State University. His primary composition teachers included Sebastian Birch, Daniel McCarthy, Gregory D’Alessio, and Andrew Rindfleisch. At Cleveland State University, Michael studied organ performance with international concert organist, Todd Wilson, and harpsichord performance with Joela Jones, principal keyboardist for the Cleveland Orchestra.

Michael’s two primary compositional outlets are the creation of keyboard (particularly, organ) music, and scores for Silent Era films. Michael’s organ works have been premiered and recorded by prominent organists, including Carson Cooman, James Flores, and Vidas Pinkevičius.

A lover of Silent Era films since his childhood, Michael’s passion for composing new music for Silent Era films developed in graduate school. In Silent Era films, Michael found the perfect medium for his music’s naturally dramatic, cinematic character. His first film score was The Bal Masque, created in April, 2017 and premiered in March, 2018. The Bal Masque features an excerpted sequence of the the famous Bal Masque sequence in the 1925 Universal Pictures film, The Phantom of the Opera, starring Lon Chaney. Due to the overwhelmingly positive response to this film excerpt, Michael was encouraged to compose a film score for another Silent Era film and submit it as his thesis composition. This he did, composing an orchestral score for the opening thirty-minutes of F.W. Murnau’s 1926 masterpiece, Faust.

A lifelong resident of Northeastern Ohio, Michael also serves various local private and civic organizations as a freelance organist and pianist.