Newsletter Special Edition: “Piano Music [2023 Reissue]” now available on Bandcamp!

This morning I released the 2023 reissue of Piano Music on Bandcamp. Sometime within the next few days the album will be available on Amazon Music and Spotify as well.

Piano Music was originally released in January, 2022, and consisted of recordings of nine compositions: Isopsephy, Prelude, Winter Bridges, Harmonic Labyrinth, Kyrie (Prelude), Christmas Pieces I and II, Three Preludes, and Pezzi. Carson Cooman was the performer for all the pieces except Winter Bridges, Christmas Piece II, and Three Preludes, which were performed by yours truly.

Later that year I re-released that first edition with recordings of an additional six compositions: Will-o’-the-wisp, Black, Little Harmonic Labyrinth, Four Walls, Little Piano Piece for Bahar, and Christmas Piece III. Again, Carson Cooman was the performer for most of the tracks. For consistency, since no recording had been made of Christmas Pieces II and III, I used my recordings of all three Christmas Pieces for the 2022 expanded version.

The 2023 reissue features all of the tracks on the expanded version, except Christmas Pieces II and III, since I decided to withdraw the score last year and leave the first Christmas Piece as stand-alone work. The recording of Christmas Piece on this 2023 reissue is Carson Cooman’s 2021 recording from the original Piano Music release.

This 2023 reissue of the album features new artwork designed by yours truly, as well as an updated PDF liner notes booklet. Most of the tracks have been lightly re-equalized from those on the 2022 expanded version.

(Piano Music [2023 Reissue], front and back cover artwork)

Check out the album!

There were several reasons why I went with a Tarot theme for this reissue. First, Pamela Colman Smith’s illustrations for the famous Wait-Rider deck (some of the cards of which are featured in the album’s artwork) are beautiful, haunting, and evocative; excellent visual art. Second, the artwork ties in symbolically with a couple of the compositions featured on the album. Finally, the artwork will form a conceptual continuity with several compositions on which I’m presently working. In other words, my approach to the design of this reissue will make more sense down the road, to to speak.

For my non-musician friends who may not be very familiar with contemporary concert music – much of my piano music is, in character, more like my electronic works than my organ works. That’s to say, they are basically modernistic. While there are some accessible pieces that have an almost Neo-romantic quality (particularly, Winter Bridges and Four Walls), most of my piano works are atmospheric rather than narrative, and harmonically, they range from the highly chromatic to “atonal.” Even the pieces that have a seemingly smooth surface, so to speak, are not what they may at first seem (this is particularly true of the harmonic labyrinth pieces; pieces that exhibit what might be considered an anxious sense of calm).

For anyone who has previously purchased Piano Music on Bandcamp, you can download the 2023 reissue for free from your Bandcamp library.

I hope you will check out this reissue. If you’d like to support my work, please consider purchasing a copy of this reissue of Piano Music, or of any of my other albums.

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