Newsletter Special Edition: “Organ Works (Volumes II – IV)” now available on Bandcamp!

(Organ Works (Volume IV) [2023 Reissue Version] front cover artwork)

The Bandcamp versions of the 2023 reissues of Organ Works (Volumes II – IV) are now available on Bandcamp.

As I mentioned in yesterday’s newsletter, these reissues feature new album artwork and new PDF booklets.

I wrote the following brief introduction to these albums on Bandcamp:

About Organ Works (Volume II) [2023 Reissue Version]

This album features Carson Cooman’s outstanding recordings Five Voluntaries, a large-scale organ work inspired in part by Tudor Era organ music; Meditation, a work I composed for my mother; the mystical, liturgical-sounding Three Modal Preludes; December 1st (Dreamscape), a rather unsettling, stream-of-consciousness-like work; and the closing Postlude (for the Feast of Christ the King), a piece I composed during my first semester as an undergraduate composition student.

About Organ Works (Volume III) [2023 Reissue Version]

Highlights from this album include the Bach-inspired Little Prelude in the Classical Style, the melancholy and haunting Three Diapason Miniatures, the grand and liturgical-sounding Phos Hilaron, The City Sleeps (Nocturne), a work inspired by a sleepless winter night; the Klezmer-like Clarinet Tune, the unsettling and enigmatic Canzona, and the wistful In Idle Days, Long Ago – a work that I consider to be among my best compositions.

About Organ Works (Volume IV) [2023 Reissue Version]

Organ Works (Volume IV) contains many of my best organ compositions to date. Additionally, of the first four volumes of my Organ Works collection, this volume features the most varied and diverse sources of inspiration. These sources of inspiration include a Masonic tapestry from the 1960s, a photo of Athena, the ancient Greek goddess of wisdom; a surreal experience I had one afternoon in November, 2022; and a passage from the Book of Jeremiah.

The album concludes with the haunting Daydreaming, an unusual organ work that features the use of a percussion stop for the entire duration of the piece.

All this and more is described in the album’s liner notes – which are included with the purchase of the album.

I hope you’ll check out these reissued albums!

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