Newsletter Special Edition: “Electronic Music Film Scores (Volume II) [Remixed]” now available!

The second volume of my Electronic Music Film Scores series is now available on Bandcamp, and will likewise soon be available on Amazon Music and Spotify.

Originally released on June 23rd, 2021, this reissue of Electronic Music Film Scores (Volume II) features newly remixed/re-EQ’d audio, new artwork, and a new PDF liner notes booklet.

This second volume of my Electronic Music Film Scores series features several scores that are, in their entirety or in part, in a popular music (or popular music-like) style: specifically, heavy metal/rock (L’Iris fantastique and the conclusion of Cinderella) and pop (The Spider and the Butterfly (fragment) and parts of The Diabolic Tenant).

This album opens with what I consider to be as much a dance score as a film score: L’Iris fantastique. As a treat for all of you who are checking out this newsletter, here’s this wonderful Silent Era film short (directed by Segundo de Chomón) in its entirety, accompanied by the remixed score:

Speaking of dance music, here’s an excerpt from the sixth track on the album – the concluding dance/ballet sequence from Georges Méliès’s Cinderella (1899):

I hope you enjoy these videos and the scores I composed for them, and I especially hope you’ll check out the new reissue of Electronic Music Film Scores (Volume II)!

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