Newsletter Special Edition: “Electronic Music Film Scores (Volume I) [Remixed]” now available!

The first volume of the Electronic Music Film Scores series is now available on Bandcamp, and will soon be available on Amazon Music and Spotify as well. I hope you will check it out!

Originally released in April, 2021, this reissue of Electronic Music Film Scores (Volume I) features newly remixed/re-EQ’d audio, new artwork, and a new PDF liner note booklet.

(Electronic Music Film Scores (Volume I) [Remixed], front and back cover artwork)

With the exception of A Trip to the Moon, the scores featured on this album were composed for Silent Era “shorts” – brief, often experimental films from the earliest days of cinema history. I decided early on to create electronic scores for these particular films because I wanted the scores to reflect the experimental character of these early studies in the art of cinema. The decision to use electronics rather than acoustic musical instruments was also inspired by the hand-coloring of many of these films.

Silent Era films were not only never “silent” (there was always some kind of musical accompaniment – or, in the case of A Trip to the Moon, there was a narrator as well), but there were never really in black and white. The earliest films – particularly those of Georges Méliès and Segundo de Chomón, the two directors whose films are most represented in this series – were hand-colored. The effect was and is stunning. For me, the beautiful hand-colored images demand a more colorful timbral palette than could ever be afforded by acoustic instruments.

I hope you’ll check out the new album!

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