Remixes, Mysteries, and “Night Music”

(Electronic Music Film Scores (Volume I) [2023 Remix], front cover artwork)


Presently, I’m in the process of remixing the three-volume Electronic Music Film Scores series.

As with the remix/reissue of Three Analog Dances, Night Shift, & Other Works: Electronic Music (Volume VI), I’ve created new artwork for the reissues of the Electronic Music Film Scores albums. The new artwork consists of stills from each film represented on the album

(front cover artwork for the 2023 remixes/reissues of the Electronic Music Film Scores series)

I don’t yet have a release date set for these reissues. However, they should be available by the end of the summer.


(Night Music, front and back cover artwork)

Recently, while taking a break from working on the previously mentioned remixes, I worked a bit more on Night Music. The album consists of five works, each of which is approximately ten minute’s duration.

One of the pieces on the album is entitled The Three-Paneled Mirror – an excerpt of which you can check out in the following video.

The Three-Paneled Mirror is a programmatic work. However, given that, for various reasons, I haven’t explained the program, the piece certainly qualifies as “mystery music.”

For those new to my work, “mystery music” is a kind of opus designation, as it were, in my catalog; one that denotes, among other things,

  1. A programmatic work (e.g., something inspired by real life), where, for various reasons, the program is never explicitly explained
  2. An excerpt of a larger work where the actual title is not otherwise provided
  3. A work that, for whatever reason, is presented in an entirely different context than originally intended

The “mystery music” designation can be assigned to individual tracks, or several tracks separated over the course of several albums (but all of which have the same origin, etc.), or even entire albums. Mystery Music IV is one such album.

But back to Night Music

You can can check out an excerpt from an early draft of Eve – the opening track of Night Music – in the following video.

As with many if not most of my newer compositions, Night Music combines both musique concrète and electronic/computer works scored for what I refer to as “imaginary instruments;” i.e., instruments created by sampling concrete sounds and manipulating those sounds in various ways. Among the recordings I used to create some of the instruments heard on the album were a recording of an out-of-tune organ, a kazoo (which, in the recordings, is pitched impossibly low – creating a rather bestial, sinister sound), and the squeak of a dog’s chew toy.


Finally, I’d like to encourage you to check out my new album, GIRLZX3. I describe the album in greater detail in a recent newsletter.

Purchase of the album on Bandcamp includes PDF liner notes and 2100×2100 copies of the front and back cover artwork.

You can also stream the album on Amazon Music and Spotify.

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