Newsletter Special Edition: “Experiment & Illusion: Electronic Music (Volume IX)” now available!

Experiment & Illusion, the ninth volume of my collected electronic works, is now available for purchase/download on Bandcamp, and will soon be available for streaming on Amazon Music and Spotify!

(Experiment & Illusion: Electronic Music (Volume IX), front and back cover artwork)

The album features eleven compositions divided into seventeen tracks. The title, Experiment & Illusion, makes reference both to the experimental approach I took to creating the album, and to Three Illusions, a certifiable “mystery music” piece that serves as a sort of musical-symbolic framing device for the entire album.

The experimental nature of the album lies both in the its use of “imaginary instruments” (i.e., instruments created by sampling and editing – something I briefly described in my previous newsletter), as well as to the freer, more experimental approach I took to the overall production of the album itself.

As with most of my albums since Clues & Sublimation, many of the tracks on Experiment & Illusion segue into one another; the closing sounds of one track serving as the opening of the following track.

The album might be imagined as consisting of five sequences: On Glass (the opening track) – Three Illusions (I), Night LightA Little Computer Music (III), Freud – Dream Time, Three Synthesizer Studies (I)Taking Your Toys & Going Home, Christmas Tree Lights, with Three Illusions (III) serving as a kind of epilogue.

I hope you’ll check out Experiment & Illusion: Electronic Music (Volume IX) . Purchase of the Bandcamp release of the album includes 2100×2100 copies of the front and back cover artwork and a PDF booklet.


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