Newsletter Special Edition: “Three Analog Dances, Night Shift, & Other Works” Remix Now Available on Bandcamp!

The first of this year’s planned remixed/reissued albums is now available on Bandcamp: Three Analog Dances, Night Shift, & Other Works: Electronic Music (Volume VI).

(front and back cover artwork for Three Analog Dances, Night Shift, & Other Works: Electronic Music (Volume VI) [2023 Remix])

For this reissue, I’ve revised Three Analog Dances, replacing the second and third dance (which were originally quite abstract) with newly composed pieces that were a bit – A BIT – more dance-like in the traditional sense.

If you were familiar with this album’s previous release, you’ll note that the track list here is a bit different. Along with greatly improved playback quality, the new track list is much more effective than was the original.

As I mentioned in the previous newsletter, I was giving some thought to creating an EP that highlighted some synths from some of the synth libraries that are being discontinued, etc. Please see that newsletter for more info.

Well, that EP and this reissue morphed into a single project. This album is more upbeat than the previous version, and, with one exception, all the tracks feature the synths previously mentioned

Additionally, I created new cover artwork for the album – this version’s artwork featuring Mata Hari (1876 – 1917); a reoccurring figure in my music (much as the “fugue subject” music box in Fugue mécanique (track 11 on the reissue) has reappeared numerous times in my works and recordings since its original release nearly a year ago).

Purchase of the album on Bandcamp includes front and back cover artwork, a PDF liner note booklet, and a bonus track.

The album should be available on Amazon Music and Spotify sometime within the next week.

I hope you’ll check out this new reissue of Three Analog Dances, Night Shift, & Other Works!

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