Newsletter Special Edition: New Year’s Greetings, & Other Things

A very happy New Year to you all!

I just wanted to send a relatively brief newsletter, mentioning some things that I will write about more extensively in the near future.



I have a couple albums planned for the near future. I’ve been working – or recently began working – on all but one of these albums.

The first album on which I’ve been working is Night Music.

(Night Music, front cover artwork)

Night Music is a sort of suite of electronic and musique concrète works. Among other reasons, the album is entitled Night Music because almost all the works featured on the album were composed and recorded at night (usually, during sleepless nights).


At this time, I’m also considering putting together an EP. The EP would feature almost exclusively analog synth patches from three libraries which I’ve used extensively, but which, most unfortunately, are being discontinued. I’d like to put together an upbeat album, with compositions that feature almost exclusively the synth patches from the above-mentioned libraries. This album would celebrate these analog synth libraries, and also serve as a much-needed entry in my album catalog of consistently upbeat concert/concert-like works.

Yesterday (December 31st), I composed and recorded one of the pieces for this album. I entitled this new piece Analog Dance No. 4, but I will likely change its title prior to the album’s release (if it is in fact released).


Another album I’ve been working on is a new Valentine’s Day album; an album similar to Heartbreakers, which was released on Valentine’s Day of last year.

The album would include some of the newer rock/pop instrumentals: Tiger Lilly, Nilufa, and probably When You Were My Girl:

Tiger Lilly
When You Were My Girl


Throughout 2022, I released a number of remixed recordings from various albums. Eventually, it became clear to me that some of my albums – particularly those released in 2021 – would benefit from a complete remix.

I’ve therefore decided to remix and reissue the Electronic Music Film Scores series, Rock Music, and Mata Hari.

For Mata Hari, the reissue will feature a work I had originally planned to include as the second part of the album: a dance suite entitled Tre Danze Erotiche. This suite is scored for two harps and percussion ensemble.

The rationale for including the second suite was that, since the Mata Hari suite itself was rather avant-garde (and thus not as accessible), the second part of the album would include a more accessible chamber work; a piece scored for a similar ensemble (i.e., percussion-based), of approximately the same duration as Mata Hari, and based on a similar theme.

Despite my original plan, though, just prior to releasing the album in Dcember 2021, I decided to replace Tre Danze with five rock instrumentals.

The reissue of the Mata Hari album will present the album as originally planned, with the two dance suites.

Here is a very brief excerpt of the first dance:

Very likely I’ll create new album artwork for the Electronic Music Film Scores reissues. Because I’m particularly proud of their artwork, Rock Music and Mata Hari will retain their original artwork (with maybe a slight change in the fonts on the albums’ covers, simply to indicate their being reissues, etc.).

More on all this soon!

I wish you all a great 2023!

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