A New Album, Instagram, and a Newsletter Update


This week’s newsletter is a brief one – short and sweet!

First, I plan to release Eight Electronic Studies: Electronic Music (Volume VII) on Monday, May 30th.

Here is the album’s front and back cover artwork. I may make some slight changes to the back cover (including, possibly, changing the order of the tracks), but otherwise this is what the front and back covers look like.

(Eight Electronic Studies: Electronic Music (Volume VII), front and back cover artwork)

For the most part, these studies are along the lines of the electronic studies of the mid-twentieth century (Stockhausen, etc.). However, the album also contains some experimental works (insofar as they are recordings of my familiarizing myself with several new VST libraries). The opening track, This Is a Test, is a pop-like instrumental.

Other “demo” tracks include the previously released For Hayat and “For everything there is a season…”.

The concluding track, Dating Aphrodite, is more of a musique concrète kind of work.


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