Catching Up

The last two weeks have been incredibly busy. While the week prior was mostly spent on extra-musical activities, last week’s focus was largely on catching up on things.

I also released a new album last week: Mystery Music.

(Mystery Music front and back cover artwork)

Mystery Music is a concept album of sorts. It wasn’t an album I had previously planned on releasing – at least, not in this form. That is part of the unwritten program, let us say.

My primary focus during the past week has been on returning to the recording/editing of an electronic work; one to which I’ve referred in several recent newsletters.

While I still don’t want to say too much about this particular project, I can say that the recording is almost complete, though I’ve decided to replace some of the parts I recorded previously.

To this end, I purchased several new VST libraries for Cubase. Two of the libraries feature solo female vocals, and one is a synth library. This afternoon I recorded a demo (For Hayat) that features samples from these libraries; one each from the vocal libraries, and two from the synth library.

Naturally, I’ve been considering what my next project(s) will be, after the aforementioned recording is completed.

At this point I have two specific projects in mind: an organ work which I conceived earlier this year, but which I have not had the opportunity to complete, and repurposing some of the material from the aborted The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari project.

More on all this soon!

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