Mechanical Fugues and Other Electronic Music Projects


Almost all of my recent creative activity has focused on electronic music. Of the compositions I’ve recently recorded and published, I’ll highlight two:

Contrapunctus Electrica is a work that I’ve described as a further study of analog synth timbres, in increasingly complex textures.

As the title suggests, Fugue Mechanique is a sort of fugal Musique concrète. The piece consists of recordings of two old-fashioned music boxes, the “entries” of which I arranged in a manner similar to imitative counterpoint.

In lieu of traditional musical development, the recordings are manipulated a number of ways: stereo panning, different kinds of reverb, reversing the recordings so they are heard backwards, etc.


The major project on which I’m presently working is a collaboration on an electronic music piece. At this point, I don’t want to give away too much. However, I’ll say a few things about the piece.

The piece was composed for me, for performance/realization using synthesizers and other tools of electronic music-making. It’s an absolutely outstanding composition, one which employs traditional as well as graphic notation. The score itself is visually beautiful – impeccably notated – and inspiring.

I’m giving this work the deluxe treatment, as it were. Rather than using a single synthesizer, or synthesizer patch/sample, for each piece, the pieces are being fully scored in various ways; some of the most exciting instances of which are the use of sound effects and analog percussion-like sounds. One such effect (created, in part, through careful panning of the track) is akin to the sound of hearing a firecracker set off behind you, to the left, then quickly flying overhead and exploding in the air in the distance, to your right. Another really nice effect is an analog synth sound that might best be described as being not unlike what one might hear if one witnessed a slight ripping through the spacetime continuum.

The piece is about 85 – 90% completed. I expect to have the work completely recorded, and the final mixes made and ready to deliver, within the next two weeks.

More about this project soon!


With the publication of the reissued Keyboard Improvisations (Volume V) on Thursday (March 11th), I completed the nearly five-month-long, monumental task of remastering and reissuing nineteen of my older albums. In addition to greatly improved audio quality, these newly reissued albums feature new (or extra) artwork, updated liner notes, and optimized track lists.

Volume V features some of my favorite keyboard improvisations: Old Love Letters, Her Love Was Like Lavender, Neo-Baroque?, and Wedding Day.

I hope you’ll check out this and the other newly reissued albums. All are available on Bandcamp.

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