The Newsletter Returns!

It’s Been Awhile!

After a break of several months, I’ve decided to give this blog/newsletter another try. My last blog post was from early November. Since that time, I’ve been incredibly busy.

One major change you likely noticed immediately is that I completely updated my website. The previous layout was a bit too dark. I wanted the site to have a brighter, cleaner, and more streamlined look.

Anyway, some highlights of my work, since my last newsletter:

1. I’ve released eleven albums:

(Click on the album cover to be redirected to Bandcamp, where you can listen to the albums in their entirety)

Among these eleven are three of my albums of which I am most proud: Mata Hari, Piano Music, and Heartbreakers.

Heartbreakers opens with one of my most beautiful compositions, No One But You.

2. I remastered and re-released fifteen of my albums (Organ Improvisations Volumes I – X, Keyboard Improvisations Volumes I – IV, and Electronic Music). These re-releases feature remastered audio, updated liner notes, and several feature new front and back cover artwork. The improvisation albums are available exclusively from Bandcamp. Electronic Music is available on Amazon Music and Spotify, in addition to Bandcamp.

3. I’ve composed several new piano works. Three highlights from these new piano compositions:

The score of two of these pieces (Will-o’-the-Wisp and Black) will appear in a forthcoming publication entitled Five Piano Pieces. More about this soon.

4. I composed and published a new organ work; one composed specifically for Valentine’s Day.

Current Projects

I’ve been working on several electronic works, all of them featuring analog/analog-like synths. One of these works, the appropriately titled Analog, can be heard on my most recent album, Games of Chance, Medusa, Analog, and Other Works: Electronic Music (Volume V).

(Front and back cover artwork of Games of Chance, Medusa, Analog, and other Works: Electronic Music (Volume V))

Another recent electronic work is a three-movement piece entitled Night Shift. This composition takes its title, and some of its spirit, from another recent bout of insomnia.

I’ve composed and recorded enough new material in this analog-synth medium that I can put together a new album. The new album will open with a composition entitled Three Analog Dances. I recently published “Fire,” the opening dance from Three Analog Dances. This is perhaps one of the most joyful works I’ve composed to this point.

These are just a few of things I’ve been working on since my last blog post in November.

Among the immediately forthcoming projects are the aforementioned sixth volume of my electronic music works, and the Five Piano Pieces score.

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