“Rock Music,” “Electronic Music (Volume IV),” femmes fatales, and more organ and keyboard improvisations


This week I released Rock Music. As of the time of this writing, the album is available for streaming/purchase on Bandcamp (https://michaelcalabris.bandcamp.com/album/rock-music). As always, purchase of the entire album on Bandcamp includes PDF notes and extra artwork I designed for the album.

The album can also be streamed on Spotify (https://open.spotify.com/album/1XZQ346vTrOelOWhg6kTZC?si=BG02__-ZRbWmRW4CHcg4CQ&dl_branch=1) and will soon be available for streaming from Amazon Music.

Rock Music brings together highlights of the rock/pop instrumentals I recorded in 2021.

The album includes new tracks (“King of Hearts,” “Muse,” and “Queen of Hearts”) and older tracks. These latter include previously released tracks (“Abigail,” “Fritzi Always Has Me Coming Back,” “Nasim” and “Old Love Letters”), several that have been remastered specially for this release (“She Rocks It,” “Wrapped Up in You,” “For Joyce,” and “Wrong About You”), in addition to an alternate mix of “Together Again,” a track originally released on Aphrodite.

“King of Hearts” is one of my favorite tracks on the album. It was the last of the new pieces composed and recorded for the album, in fact. This short rock instrumental brings together many of my popular music influences.

Rock Music is a collection, to be sure, but it’s also a concept album of sorts.

I hope you’ll check out Rock Music!


I am presently preparing for release my fourth volume of collected electronic music works. All the works featured on this album were composed and recorded this year. While this compilation naturally includes previously released works, it also contains some brand new works, such as Minotaur.

Another track from the album is one I composed a month or so ago, Succubus. I recently published a video of this track on YouTube; early Halloween-appropriate music, as it were.

Unlike the previous three albums of my collected electronic music works, the music of which was almost uniformly dark and weird, this collection includes works that evince a more elevated and, at times, even sensual, character. One such work is Eros, which was previously released on Mosaics II. Eros is the opening track on the new album; one which sets the tone for much of the music that follows.

With the sensual/erotic character in mind, it probably won’t come as a surprise that one of the album’s sources of inspiration was the Dutch-born exotic dancer, Mata Hari (1876 – 1917).

Given the elevated/sensual character of several of the tracks, the back cover artwork I designed for the album has a sensual/erotic quality. I’ve created several versions of this back cover – two of which have different track listings. More about this when the album is released.

One final note for now about Electronic Music (Volume IV): the Bandcamp release includes a bonus track, “Independent” “Fact”-Checkers – a track not available on the other releases of the album.


In a previous blog post I mentioned that I had planned – or hoped – to have three particular albums released by the end of the year. Rock Music was one of the albums I had in mind. However, I doubt that the remaining two will be released before the end of the year. I’m hoping that they will eventually be released at some point. Nonetheless, if this is not possible, for whatever reason, I will find some other way of making available to you those projects.

I also have another album ready to release later this year – one about which I’ve told no one – but that’s all I’ll say about that for now.


As I’ve mentioned in my last couple blog posts, I’ve been re-uploading to YouTube videos of some of my older organ and keyboard improvisations. At this point I feel like I’ve uploaded enough of these videos to give the casual YouTube subscriber a pretty good idea as to my approach to organ and keyboard improvisations. I plan to add only one or two more such videos prior to focusing again on uploading recordings of my compositions (and the occasional recording of keyboard works by other composers).

One recent organ improvisation I’ll share with you here is one I recorded late last year. The improvisation is entitled Bookends. In many this was a prescient title to give to the recording.

I’ve mentioned in previous posts that I practiced and played all the time last year, and the effect all this practice had on my organ improvisations is particularly noticeable in this video.

Of the newly posted older keyboard improvisations, I’d like to share Lights; an improvisation I recorded in late August of last year.

Thanks for checking out this blog post!

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