I’m Michael Calabris, a Northeast Ohio-based composer. While my primary areas of compositional work are scores for Silent Era films and keyboard music, my catalog also includes works for solo instruments, choral music, chamber music, electronic/multimedia works, and rock/jazz/R&B instrumentals.

I’m also a keyboard player; the organ being my primary instrument. To date, I’ve recorded ten albums of organ improvisations and five albums of keyboard (piano, electric piano, etc.) improvisations.

On this website you will find embedded YouTube videos featuring recordings of my works, as well as links to pages where you can preview or purchase the scores of my published compositions.

If you’re interested in exploring my work further, my YouTube channel features videos of some of the early/Silent Era films for which I’ve composed scores. Recordings of some of my liturgical and concert works can be heard on my SoundCloud page. On Bandcamp you can stream and/or purchase my organ and keyboard improvisation albums, in addition to the other albums I’ve released. All of my album releases (except the organ and keyboard improvisations) are also available for streaming on Amazon Music and Spotify.

Thanks for stopping by my website!